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Apnaghar-The additional pillar of your” Home

Home is where your heart lies and Apnnaghar, the best rental management company in Bangalore, is a service providing company for keeping your heart alive.Among all the special things that remains close to your heart, unconditionally is our -home or the ghar. Everyone has a dream of owning one’s own apartment one day and it is one of the motivations that drives to do that extra hard work every day.

That “extra hard work”, that “extra saving “on Diwali one day allows to take the step of buying a house one day and that D-day turns your dream into reality.We value your dreams and hard work,we respect the struggles you have faced during this journey and understand it better than others because, as property managers, we get to hear stories everyday how experience of owning a new home has turned into a nightmare over a short period of time. Home is the place where you built your long-lasting memories and as a rental management company,we are there to help you making the new journey smoother. Once the keys of your new house is handed over to you, it is the start of a new journey, just like parenting your new kid or watering the baby plant in your garden.Taking care of your house or your flat takes lot of time because it involves a lot of financial planning on recurring works such as repair, paying the maintenance charges, security fess, electricity and water bills, municipality fees to list a few and the main problem arises when you are not able to permanently stay at your house. And here is where you require someone for rental arrangements and property maintenance.

Recent survey shows in a city like Bangalore, where property rentals are common-place, most of the apartment owners at prominent location sare actually staying outside India for their job and don’t have an immediate plan to return to the home country. Their high-profile jobs either demands lot of travelling or staying outside the country for most of the time of the year.So, they have to carry out rentals for flats, for both monetary as well as property maintenance purposes. Therefore, for this neo-gen the studio apartment at Bangalore city in premium locations are like their farmhouse where they might be visiting during their Christmas. Once in year visit to their Indian home sometimes becomes tedious for them because they have to invest their energy on paying the pending bills,maintenance charges, repair the damages,cleaning the house. Apnnaghar, one of the best property management companies in Bangalore, solves all these problems by taking up all the above responsibilities and handling property assets for you.

Mr Deepak Sharma,an IT consultant who stays at New York but has flat at Kormangala in Bangalore echoed the same problems he has to face when he during his homecoming. Rather than enjoying their stay at their duplex apartment at Kormangla much of the time goes in attending to the problems pertaining to the house. This has become a major problem in the city and one of the NRI who is in his 60 now Mr.Sharma was telling how is water connection and electricity connections were snapped and he came to know only once he landed at Bangalore for preparation of his son’s marriage. He recalls how he had to run around in government offices to revoke the connection because guests were pouring in for the marriage and it was tough to explain the government agency his urgency and the ordeal he is facing because of negligence of the agency who were not sending the bills to his mail id even after repeated request and there was nobody in the city to coordinate on his behalf. This are the situations where we want to extend our services, so that in spite of your long absence from your house -your home is not ignored.

We at Apnnaghar, the best rental management company in Bangalore,will take care of all these issues.Recent survey has shown for 80%of NRI’S retaining their dream apartment at the garden city has become a matter of concern.The hope of returning back to their house post retirement or spending a holiday at their dream home is becoming dimmer with passing years instead they feel staying at a hotel or resort is much more comfortable and budget friendly. So,to resolve this issues for the property owners who are temporarily staying at Bangalore,Apnnaghar, the best rental management company in Bangalore, provides a one stop solution for property management.Regularly paying your bills on your behalf, overall maintenance of your apartment including minor and major repairs,providing you regular updates and real time status of your home and keeping it secured are your job priorities- basically entire estate management to rental arrangements to property maintenance- Rental management company-Apnnaghar, takes care.

Your job is leaving behind the keys of your apartment in our safe custody and we devote our time by gifting you the mirror image your home on your next visit.As rental management company, we make sure, home doesn’t get occupied by spider webs or musty smell rather your next visit makes you smell the familiar scent with which you left -you again weave new memories on your castle during your stay instead of reconstructing your dismantled memories. As the best rental management company in Bangalore,we have trained people to make correct offer of your beautiful boutique flats, home or duplex apartment to like-minded people who are looking for decent rental options. Thus, dream home not only stays alive state but at the same time your home becomes a source of revenues well. All this happens without you taking the pain and stress of finding the right person, maintaining it during your renter staying period and having slightest doubt on the security of your property. Recent survey shows with IT expansion in cities like Bangalore price of real-estate has sky rocketed and so has the amount of house rentals and property demands. In addition, inflation, 200%increase in land price and interest in home loans has led to people opting for home rentals over buying new property.In urban cities like Bangalore, land area is diminishing at an unprecedented rate and therefore with the current land price constructing a house or even buying an apartment has become apart from the procurement expenditures buying home has become a rare event. Therefore, Apnnaghar, the best rental management company in Bangalore, seeks to manage properties and rentals in efficient manner. The sluggish growth of the real estate market has given boost to the rental market and thus more rental management companies have sprouted up. Water shortage,increase in traffic and pollution has also reduced the classical residential areas in the city therefore finding the apartment by a renter has also become tough because for first timer in the city, it is impossible to identify the correct niche,so,Apnnaghar, the best rental management company in Bangalore helps the renter also to find his house based on specific requirements.

Though,house rental market is projected at $10 million dollar by 2020,the issue is security of the property,improper agreements, repair expenditure and owner-renter dissatisfaction are the main problems hindering the market.So,we Apnnaghar, the best rental management company in Bangalore,address these problems in a way so that owning a home,staying there enjoying the stay for the renter becomes harmonious.The problem faced by renters are finding an apartment/mansion at a location which is convenient and meets their priorities and demands within their budget. The long-standing problemis who will do the match making between the owner and the renter.Sadly,the task of bringing of getting the renter to the owner mostly takes place through a broker and in absence of any proper check most of the time owner has to settle for a rent dictated by the broker,on top of that there is hefty brokerage charges and the ordeal doesn’t end here because you might get a renter whose background check up was not done, the broker might have not helped you in legalities to be taken care before the apartment is given for rent. Thus Apnnaghar,the best rental management company in Bangalore, does the rental arrangements and maintenance of property, basically house rental management.
Imagine being a NRI or not staying in the city regularly you have limited scope in having a close look at your residence, you might not receive your rent periodically,renter might overstay because a proper agreement was not signed and in absence of any responsible substitute your dream apartments lowly withers away by the irreversible damage inflicted in your property. In addition,pending bills, burden of pilling up of municipality taxes for which you are entitled to pay thee services like water supply, electricity are withdrawn. So, all this adds up to unrecoverable financial burden and emotional stress because the pain of maintaining the “sweet home” becomes an “uglystruggle”. Therefore, we urge to put your property the safe hands of your rental management company, Apnnaghar because we value your property, your hard work that went for owning the property and we are the market leaders on property management and keeping not your but our home in the most fulfilling manner. Our aim is to lend our helping hands to property owners who need people to take care of their esteemed property and in return we offer a strong bonding for years to come-consider Apnnaghar,the best rental management company in Bangalore, as the additional pillar of your home to keep your home hearty and healthy.
Our Services at your doorstep:
Lease Management:
a. Customer Relation Management (CRM)
b. Lease renewal services
c. Property Tax management
d. Budget forecasting and Planning
Property Marketing/Sales Services
• a. Identifying prospective tenants or buyers
• b. Organizing marketing campaigns
• c. Rental management
Property Services:
• Property maintenance services include maintenance of buildings, climate systems, electrical and mechanical services, information technology and communication support systems, landscaping, damage control and pest control.
• Cleaning services include traditional cleaning of offices, factories, hospitals, transport hubs and specialized cleaning of windows.
• Care Taker services include care taking, and installation and maintenance of electronics urveillance systems. The market for security services is considered fairly consolidated.
• Support services include the operation of call centers, reception and mail room services within the client’s facilities, but exclude temporary staffing services where the provider does not manage the temporary staff.
• Facility management services include such as on-site management of facility services, change management, space management and consulting.

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